Jamun Tree, Syzygium cumini - Plant

Jamun Tree, Syzygium cumini - Plant01
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Common Name

Java plum, Jamun, Malabar plum,

Maximum Reachable Height

30 m

Flower Colour


Bloom Time

March to April

Difficulty Level

Easy to grow


Planting And Care


  • Apply a high-potassium liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks from early spring until 6 weeks after flowering.
  • Keep moist in winter.

    Jamun Tree Care


  • Keep the plant in natural indirect bright Light.
  • Poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.
  • Water when top soil (1-2inches) feels dry to touch.
  • Do not re-pot for min. 2 weeks after receiving it.
  • More than 6 hours of direct bright sunlight a day is ideal for plant.
  • Before water poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.
  • Water when top soil (1-2 inches) feels dry to touch.
  • Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy season.
  • The soil should be well drained and fertile, rich in organic content for growing plant.
Temperature 13 to 27 degrees C
  • During the main growing season (June-July) feed the plant with organic fertilizer.

Jamun Tree Special Feature

Food (Herb & Spice: In Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and India, the leaves are used fresh as a culinary herb which has a similar, but stronger flavor than Coriander (Coriandrum sativum).The leaves are used to season meat and other foods in Caribbean, Latin American and Asian cuisines.

Jamun Tree Uses

Medicinal Use:

  • The fruit and seeds used to cure diabetes, diarrhea, and ringworm
  • The bark is astringent, sweet sour, diuretic, digestive and anthelmintic
  • Note- Please consults your health advisor before application or consuming of plants or plant parts
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