Greet Your Mom Dad with Green Garden and Mugs

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1 I Love Dad Printed Mug 1
2 I Love Mom Printed Mug 1
3 Money Plant, Scindapsus (Green) - Plant 1
4 Round Plastic Planter (Any Colour) 1
5 Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum - Plant 1
6  Round Plastic Pot (Any Colour) 1
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This pack contains 2 best indoor plants + 2 colored pots to give joy and happiness to your parents.
  • Air purifier plants
  • Bring good fortune and positive vibes.
  • Best indoor tabletop plants.
  • Low maintenance plants.



  • Get 2 beautiful indoor plants along with red and black elegant plastic pots along with I love Mom Dad printed mugs.
  • These plants require less care and maintenance.
  • These plants are recommended in NASA air purifier list absorbs harmful toxins from the environment.

    Special Feature


  • These plants are mood boosters and increase your concentration.
  • They help you clear the air and might even remind your parents of happy memories.
  • These plants are a unique way to gift something that will grow forever and create ever-lasting memories.
  • They improve house interior space by decorating interiors, dividing areas, and reducing noise levels.
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