Ashta Laxmi Yantra

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It is believed to open the gateway of prosperity.


Adding Ashta Laxmi yantra is beneficial from vastu’s point of view. It is believed to open the gateway of prosperity. Place the yantra in the North or Northeast direction of your room facing the South or Southeast direction.

The Ashta Laxmi and prosperity that they signify are as follows-

  • Adi Laxmi- Goddess that signifies endless prosperity 
  • Dhan Laxmi- Goddess of money and riches
  • Dhanya Laxmi- Goddess of nourishment, food, and health
  • Gaja Laxmi- Goddess that symbolizes elephants and vehicles
  • Vidya Laxmi- Goddess that stands for education and knowledge 
  • Santan Laxmi- Goddess of legacy, children, family and friends
  • Vijay Laxmi- Goddess of perseverance, victory, confidence and courage 
  • Dhairya Laxmi- Goddess that symbolizes patience, objectivity and planning
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